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Frequently asked questions.

These are the questions that our customers ask the most. If we haven't covered the question you have or if you would like a more detailed explanation of an answer to a question we have covered, please get in touch, we promise to answer as quick as possible.

Questions about

At we work with the best carriers in the business so that you can send parcels the simplest way at the best price to any European, American, Middle East destinations on our website.

1. What is is the most advanced website of its kind, designed to simplify the process of booking a parcel when you need it, showing the best available offers in an organized and user friendly way, at the best price. We negotiate tariffs with the best suppliers so that you save on shipping costs. You don’t need an account, just quote and book!

2. How does work? couldn't be simpler. Just insert the weight (In kilos) and measurements (In centimeters) of the parcel, pickup country and delivery area or country and hit "Get instant quote". In a split second, we will show you all the available offers to send your parcel. Just fill in the mandatory fields and we will take care of the rest.

3. How should I weigh and measure what I am sending?

In order to receive a good service, it is very important that you weigh and measure your parcel correctly after wrapped the shipment. Only this way, will we be able to offer you the best service for your needs and avoid delays and extra costs that may incur for declaring the wrong figures. Please insert weight without decimal point. For example: 30 (for 29.6 KG). If the parcel is big, than pack it in normal cargo boxes the best cargo size are 45 x 45 x 70 / 45 x 45 x 45 these sized boxes are available with any packing companies

4. What is the difference between physical weight and volume weight?

Actual weight is what you see on a weighing balance of your cargo, the volume weight is the area the shipment consumes… eg. A pillow may weigh 1 KG but it’s size be bigger if the size of a pillow is 20 cm x 45 xc x 12 cm then it consumes more space than a KG. For which the carriers calculate the volume and charge for the volume weight. But in normal cases the actual weight and the volume weight should be almost same.

5. Can I choose the date and time of pickup?

Yes you may, once you made an online booking our courier team will call you for a pick up and you may give your convenient date and time and they would pick up accordingly or you may change your time online.

6. Can I choose the date and time of delivery?

Not really. Deliveries are made during the day and we can´t choose at what time except with more urgent services where you can choose to have it delivered by a certain time. Once there has been a failed delivery attempt, we can transmit time preferences to the courier in order to improve chances of delivery. As long as the included delivery attempts have not finished and the instructions are possible to carry out, we will do our best to get the parcel delivered.

7. What is a registered customer and what are the advantages of being a registered customer?

The registered customers are only customers who wish to shop online from USA. Just to send a shipment you don’t have to register.

The advantages of registered customers will be :- we accept their merchandize at USA and ship it to the address wherever in the world.

Yes, this is another unique thing about As we know how confusing it is to receive hundreds of invoices when you place hundreds of orders, we give the chance to set a default invoicing address and just receive an invoice on the last day of the month with all movements recorded.