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Packing Tips

If you have not yet packed your item, then you can choose the number of boxes you would need to pack your items.

"How should I pack my personal belongings and gifts?" a common question asked by most shippers It may seem insignificant, but it's a major component of any accompanied or unaccompanied baggage or cargo if you're packing yourself.

There is a major reason of breakage and damage of the shipment by an improper packing

Based on our 25 years of professional experience we have learnt the art of packing which we are willing to share with you in this page “how to pack the personal belongings in a better way….

How to Pack Personal Effects Safely for your overseas shipping

Following are some of the basic materials one should consider to use for household packing:

  1. Always insist on using strong boxes to pack a minimum of 5 ply corrugated boxes
  2. Never use a very large box for packing your personal effects
  3. Make sure the bottom of the box has additional tape to prevent opening when lifted
  4. Wrap all fragile items individually in bubble wrap or packing paper
  5. Plan on using lot of strong packaging tape,
  6. prepare a rough packing list clearly identify the content being placed in the boxes
  7. Try and use blank newspapers, plastics or bubble wraps to fill the empty spaces in the cartons
  8. Stuff and stack the items properly
  9. Do not place the fragile items at the bottom or top of the box, always keep fragile items in the middle of the box and surrounded by cloths or garments
  10. Always mark an up arrow to show the upper side
  11. If you have glassware then after wrapping with bubble you may pack it in smaller box before keeping it the cargo box

If you need professional packing by our team please select the box sizes and proceed booking our team will bring those boxes and pack your cargo